Energy from photovoltaic panels allows you to save on electricity or heating bills. In addition, by installing a photovoltaic system, the natural environment can benefit. The size and power of the installation are selected individually.


Photovoltaics for the home - solar energy for everyone

Photovoltaic installations are an ecological and economically viable choice - also for individual households. Thanks to the efficient photovoltaic panels proposed by our company, it is possible to use solar energy converted into direct current and thermal energy all year round, regardless of the temperature.


Photovoltaics offers a number of benefits:

  • pozyskiwanie energii z odnawialnego źródła - a więc z nieograniczonych niczym zasobów
  • pełna ekologiczność instalacji - brak szkodliwych gazów i zanieczyszczeń emitowanych do atmosfery
  • możliwość poddania PV recyklingowi 
  • zyskanie niezależności od dostawcy energii elektrycznej - ochrona przed podwyżkami 
  • system obsługiwany automatycznie, a przy tym niezawodny, z wieloletnią gwarancją oraz dostępnym serwisem
  • zwiększenie końcowej wartości nieruchomości - w przypadku domów mieszkalnych

Long-term warranty and access to service

Photovoltaic systems are distinguished by the possibility of using them for many years – practically with
the same efficiency. As part of the warranty agreement, Jamat offers a 15- or 25-year warranty for photovoltaic panels as well as ongoing maintenance for 5 to 15 years after installation.For more details, please contact our consultant who will also help you choose the right energy solution for you and your loved ones.


Efficient and fast installation

We employ well-trained installers with years of experience in the industry. Our employees have the necessary SEP D+E, UDT RES certifications. The installation process
is carried out at an express pace and takes from 1 to 3 days for a system from 3 to 10 kWp and 3 to 6 days for a system from 25 to 50 kWp. The installation is preceded by an audit to optimize costs and ensure maximum system efficiency under specific conditions.


Safety and efficiency - our priorities

Our company’s installations are 100% safe. The photovoltaic panels
that we offer are of the highest quality, and our installers can boast of not only many years of professional practice, but also all the necessary certifications. In order to ensure complete investor safety, we also use PROJOY PEFS automatic circuit breakers with a temperature sensor, SPD AC and DC protection and overcurrent protection. Each time we also provide independent protective grounding.


Photovoltaic panels

The offer includes high-class photovoltaic panels from brands such as:

  • Hyundai - with high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and outstanding performance. They use solutions that allow for the production of more energy even in low sunlight. Panels are available in 340-cell and 408-cell versions. They are made of tempered glass on an anodized aluminium frame. Products are UL/VDE certified
  • Ja Solar - high-quality panels that are durable, efficient and resistant to corrosion and provide high output power. Their design consists of multi-rail PERC cells.
  • Longi Hi - Mo - panels that can be mounted in several ways, with high performance due to a unique design (half-cells). They also have a lower operating temperature thanks to their special panel structure.


Individual customer Energy from photovoltaic panels saves on bills
Option for companies Audit, provision of thermal relief, and installation – can be entrusted to us
Farmer + partner programme Agricultural properties should be enriched with a set of photovoltaic panels

We’ll take care of everything!



A properly conducted audit is one of the most important things in the process of working with a photovoltaic company. Correctly made measurements allow you to minimize costs and maximize effects.



We have installers with extensive experience in the RES market and with a full range of SEP D+E, UDT RES certifications. Our team also includes architects and consultants.



If you do not have enough funds, we offer an instalment loan for individuals and leasing for companies – bringing the instalment amount closer to the price of the electricity bill.

How do photovoltaics work?

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