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Photovoltaics operate on the principle of utilizing the photovoltaic effect, which is the conversion of light energy (photons) into electrical energy in photovoltaic panels. These panels are made from semiconductors that generate electric current when exposed to sunlight. When sunlight hits the panels, photons excite electrons in the semiconductor, creating a flow of direct current. Panels can be connected in series to add voltage and produce more electrical energy. Then, an inverter converts the direct current into alternating current, compatible with the distribution network. Through this process, solar energy is converted into electrical energy, which can be used to power homes, businesses, or other electrical devices. This principle of operation forms the basis for producing clean electrical energy from solar radiation.

Additionally, photovoltaic systems can include reactive power compensation, which allows for optimal management of active and reactive power performance in the electrical network. Reactive power compensation can improve the stability and efficiency of the photovoltaic system. This entire process enables the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy, which can be used to power homes, businesses, or other devices, forming the basis of clean energy production from solar radiation.

Photovoltaic inverters are designed to ensure the stability of the photovoltaic installation and optimal energy conversion efficiency. They operate independently of weather conditions, ensuring continuous delivery of electrical energy from solar energy to the distribution network. Thus, owners of photovoltaic installations can effectively use solar energy as a source of clean and renewable electrical energy, in accordance with the requirements of the distribution network. What is the impact of photovoltaics on the occurrence of too high voltage in the network? The impact of photovoltaics on too high a voltage in the network is a significant issue that arises from photovoltaic installations generating excess electrical energy and raising the voltage to feed it into the distribution network. However, too high a voltage in the network can be caused by the overload of the transformer system and power lines.

During the 4 months of the winter period, a photovoltaic installation produces as much energy as it does in 2 weeks of June. Production levels can be higher depending on weather conditions. An ideal complement to this gap is a wind turbine, which has a production peak in winter. Energy storage systems are also recommended, which allow the storage of excess electricity produced in the summer and use it in winter.

Manufacturers estimate the lifespan of photovoltaic panels to be about 30 years. The oldest installations we audited were built in 1992 in Germany, and despite the old technology, they still maintained an efficiency of 78-83%. In our offer of photovoltaic panels in Bielsko, we use only quality products to ensure long-lasting and trouble-free operation for our clients.

The most energy – up to 70% – will be produced by a photovoltaic installation during the summer months, specifically from April to September. The disparity in energy production from photovoltaic modules can vary significantly depending on the month and weather. The photovoltaic panels we offer in Bielsko can help reduce your electricity bills.

Heat pumps operate by generating a flow of heat between areas with different temperatures. They extract heat from the air or the ground and transfer it to the home heating system – for example, radiators or underfloor heating systems. In our range of heat pump installations in Bielsko and the surrounding areas, we specialize in air-to-air and water-to-air heat pumps.

The maximum temperature to which water can be heated by a heat pump depends on the model and manufacturer. Most heat pumps on the market have a maximum output temperature of about 55°C. However, some models can provide higher temperatures, up to 65°C.

An estimated air-to-water heat pump for a newly built 100m² building is about 6kW.

Energy storage systems collect excess production from photovoltaic panels or wind turbines, releasing it when there is no production, or they charge at a lower tariff and release at a higher tariff – it all depends on the chosen operating algorithm of the storage system.

Choosing an energy storage system involves an assessment of whether the storage will serve for self-consumption or emergency power supply to the building, how long it needs to operate, and what purposes it needs to fulfill. A universal storage capacity for single-family homes is 10 kWh.

Both high-voltage and low-voltage energy storage systems are fully safe through protection by a Battery Management System (BMS). Regular maintenance is also a crucial factor to ensure the installation operates efficiently and safely.

A wind turbine generates electricity through mechanical motion at the turbine, delivering it to an inverter through wires running between the turbine and the inverter.

The electricity production from a residential wind turbine depends on the wind zone where it is located and the surrounding infrastructure. For example, turbines near Bielsko-Biała with favorable infrastructure can generate from a turbine 5 kW 8500 kWh/year.

Keep in mind that this is the element that requires the most time to think about the use of the house-where do we want outlets, do we need smart systems, will we be planning a gazebo, shed in the future to prepare conduits, is the number of outlets above the countertop in the kitchen sufficient, and much more, which the on-site auditors should help with. Our professionals will select customized solutions and help plan electrical systems to ensure comfort.

When it comes to choosing electrical installation apparatus, we recommend relying on proven manufacturers. For example, DEHN surge arresters, disconnectors and fuses from HAGER, LEGRAND, etc. Using our teams, you are assured of expertise and quality materials.

A properly designed and constructed installation, confirmed by measurements and protocols, has no right to catch fire.

To find a proven team of professionals, you need to know the references. If it is possible to talk to the investor who has worked with a particular contractor, secure the work with contracts. What makes the whole process easier are companies that deal comprehensively with, for example, masonry and roof, as well as comprehensive internal installations. Our company deals with complex investment in terms of installation.

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