Air conditioning and ventilation

We specialize in the installation and service of air conditioning and ventilation systems. Our experts are available to help choose the right solutions for your comfort.

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Increase comfort and air quality

Installation of air conditioning and ventilation

We understand how important comfortable temperature and air quality are at home. Therefore, we offer air conditioning and ventilation installation services preceded by a detailed consultation. Using modern technologies, our solutions not only improve living comfort but also efficiently filter air, reducing the presence of allergens and pollutants.

Whether you need a system for a new building or want to upgrade existing installations, our team of specialists will ensure that each installation is carried out according to your individual needs, using proven equipment and with a service guarantee.

Our services in air conditioning and ventilation installation

Consultation with a specialist

Our advisor's task is to select the optimal solution tailored to your needs and space specifications.

Installation and performance measurements

Our technicians will take care of installing the device and conduct detailed performance measurements.


We provide repair and maintenance services - both under warranty and post-warranty service.

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Improve the comfort and air quality in your home by investing in air conditioning and ventilation

Contact us to learn more about professional installation of air conditioning and ventilation.

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Selection, installation, and service of air conditioning

Our catalog of available products includes various types of air conditioners (Split, Multisplit, VRF) - tailored to the needs in different buildings - both residential, office, and industrial. The task of modern models is not only to provide optimal room temperature (which can be automatically regulated) but also to purify the air from pollutants and allergens thanks to specialized filters and ensure proper humidity levels. Our experts will help you choose the right device parameters - depending on the construction of the room, insulation properties, and exposure to sunlight. After selecting the type of device, a detailed project is outlined, which is then implemented.

Air conditioning servicing is also among the comprehensive services we provide - we encourage maintenance and cleaning of air conditioners, as it significantly benefits the longevity of the installation. We provide repair and maintenance services - both under warranty and post-warranty service. We recommend an air conditioning system check-up twice a year.

montaż klimatyzacji i wentylacji bielsko i okolice

Installation and servicing of ventilation systems

The first step in installing mechanical ventilation is to determine the user's needs. Our experts offer preliminary (and free) consultations to ensure that such a system is perfectly tailored in terms of performance and type. We have various types of ventilation systems available.

Depending on the type of building, its purpose, room layout, differences in air flow, and other factors, the installed systems are: supply ventilation, exhaust ventilation, supply-exhaust ventilation, and with heat recovery. It is also worthwhile to supplement such a system with a set of filters that ensure the air is cleansed of harmful dust, pollutants, or allergens.

As part of the services we provide, we offer performance and noise measurement of ventilation, and its maintenance - both under warranty and post-warranty service.

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