Inspections and acceptances of electrical installations

Routine inspections and measurements of electrical and photovoltaic installations are a duty and a way to prevent potential failures and ensure safety for buildings.

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Experts in electrical and photovoltaic installation measurements and inspections

We offer comprehensive measurement, inspection, and acceptance services for electrical and photovoltaic installations, which are crucial for ensuring the safety and energy efficiency of your home. Regular inspections and precise measurements are essential to ensure that all systems operate correctly and meet current safety standards. Our team consists of qualified electricians who, with expert knowledge and professional equipment, conduct measurements and inspections of the highest quality.

Electrical installation measurements

measurements of the effectiveness of shock protection (effectiveness of grounding / loop impedance measurements),

insulation resistance measurements of single-phase circuits,

insulation resistance measurements of three-phase circuits,

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measurements of residual-current devices,

ground resistance measurements of lightning protection systems (ground resistance measurements),

inspection of electrical installations,

inspection of lightning protection installations.

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We perform maintenance on photovoltaic installations

A photovoltaic installation is a complex system that consists not only of visible solar panels but also of an inverter, supporting structure, and necessary wiring. The system operates under voltage, hence it requires regular checks to ensure its safety and efficiency. Monitoring the efficiency of a photovoltaic installation is crucial for its users, but some specialized analyses require the intervention of professionals. If any irregularities such as a decrease in performance or an increase in electricity bills are observed, it is advisable to report this to a specialist.

Measurements of photovoltaic installations

measurement of insulation resistance of the photovoltaic array,

measurement of short-circuit currents of DC circuits,

measurement of open-circuit voltage of DC circuits,

measurements of equipotential bonding,

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measurements of the inverter’s effectiveness,

measurement of grounding resistance,

thermographic measurements of panels, connections,

analysis of the effectiveness of DC circuits.

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PV installation service

We perform maintenance on photovoltaic installations to ensure their optimal performance. The popularity of renewable energy solutions does not always go hand in hand with the quality of services performed. Therefore, we offer professional photovoltaic service, which involves optimizing the operation of the installation, its efficiency, and adaptation to user expectations. We also specialize in fixing potential defects and problems, which may include issues with water drainage from roofs, corrosion of supports, corrosion of electrical enclosures, and glass breakage. Moreover, installation service is legally required, according to Building Law, to be conducted every 5 years. Regular reviews and continuous monitoring of the photovoltaic installation ensure that it operates in a fully efficient manner and fulfills its role.

Why should you entrust us with the service of your electrical installation?

Qualified staff

Our team possesses a wide range of qualifications, including certificates for the operation of installations at supervisory and operational positions, as well as renewable energy construction and installation licenses issued by the Technical Supervision Authority.

Proven equipment

All our measurements are performed with the highest quality equipment, calibrated annually. Among others, we work with equipment such as SONEL MPI-540 PV, SONEL MPI-530, FLIR cameras, and UNI-T.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

Our company strictly adheres to all applicable regulations and legal standards, ensuring that every measurement and installation service conducted is fully compliant with the latest legal requirements.