For farmers

Agricultural activity generates enormous energy expenditures, which is why we offer effective solutions from renewable energy sources (RES) for farms.

dofinansowania dla rolników
dofinansowania dla rolników

Energy solutions for agricultural enterprises

At Jamat, we provide solutions for farmers that significantly lower the high electricity costs associated with running a farm. We deliver photovoltaic installation projects tailored to needs, ensuring a stable and inexpensive energy source. We also handle the distribution of energy storage systems, enabling efficient management of power surpluses and the creation of reliable emergency power systems, ensuring energy continuity even during power outages. Our efforts are preceded by a free estimate and audit to properly identify the needs of the farm.

Offer for agricultural enterprises

Photovoltaic Installations

We perform photovoltaic installations preceded by a detailed audit, so they are tailored to the individual needs of the agricultural enterprise.

Distribution of Energy Storage Systems

We adapt modern energy storage systems for photovoltaics that allow for storing excess produced electrical energy.

Creation of Emergency Power Supply

The emergency power systems we propose guarantee safety and continuity of operation under any conditions.

It's time to reduce high energy bills at your farm!

Contact us to learn more about the offer dedicated to farmers and the opportunities for subsidies to implement investments.

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