Installing photovoltaic panels enables savings on electricity and heating bills while supporting environmental protection.

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Photovoltaics for home - Discover the potential of solar energy

Ensure your energy independence with our photovoltaic solutions. Learn about the benefits that solar energy offers and discover the possibilities of saving on your electricity bills.

Thanks to efficient photovoltaic panels installed by our company, it is possible to utilize solar energy converted into direct current. We start with a precise audit that will determine your individual needs. In our offer, you will also find Voltage Regulators, which are responsible for optimizing the inverter's performance.

Discover the benefits of owning photovoltaics

Unlimited Energy Source:

Harnessing energy from the sun ensures access to unlimited resources.

Energy independence:

Gaining independence from your electricity provider protects against constant price increases.

Automatic operation and reliability:

Our systems are automatically operated, ensuring reliability and long-term warranty, with service available.

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The possibility of recycling photovoltaic panels supports sustainable ecological practices.

Eco-friendliness without compromise:

Our installations are fully eco-friendly, eliminating the emission of harmful gases and pollutants into the atmosphere.

Increase in property value:

Investing in renewable energy sources contributes to an increase in the final value of properties, especially in residential homes.

Our photovoltaic installation services

Energy Audit

We conduct a thorough energy audit to determine the potential for savings and energy efficiency of your property.

Technical Support

We provide continuous monitoring and comprehensive technical service to ensure your system operates efficiently for many years.

Voltage Regulators

To fully utilize the potential of photovoltaic installations, we have introduced voltage regulators into our offer.

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Optimizing photovoltaic system performance with Voltage Regulator

Reduce energy loss with our voltage regulators. A voltage stabilizer for photovoltaics eliminates the issue of system shutdowns due to excessively high network voltage, often caused by a "fixed" inverter in the vicinity, poor condition of the power network to which many PV installations are connected, close proximity of the home to a transformer, or very favorable weather conditions. Excessively high voltage causes the safety system to shut off the inverter, and the photovoltaic installation stops producing energy, and the home then draws from the network.

The voltage regulator optimizes the operating parameters of the inverter, preventing it from shutting down due to high voltage spikes. The installation operates continuously, which impacts our profits.

Photovoltaic Calculator - Estimate the power of the installation and potential savings

See the benefits of installing photovoltaic panels and quickly calculate how much you could save. *The data provided is indicative and does not constitute an offer.

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What you need to know about photovoltaic panels?

Photovoltaic panels are a crucial part of the installation, responsible for drawing power directly from solar energy. Then, through collectors, they transfer this power to the system – where actual electricity (free of charge) is produced.
Photovoltaic panels are flat, rectangular, or square objects covered with photovoltaic cells. Thanks to their design based on elements of increased durability, the panels are resistant to weather conditions, which guarantees their long-term efficiency and reliability. We work only with tested panels from renowned manufacturers to ensure efficiency and safety for our clients.

In our offer, we have high-quality photovoltaic panels from over 30 manufacturers, including brands such as:

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Reliable inverters from our manufacturers

An inverter is an extremely important component of a photovoltaic installation. Jamat cooperates with the best inverter manufacturers on the market, such as Hypontech, Sofar Solar, SolarEdge, Huawei, and Hoymiles. Inverters - or MPPT (maximum power point tracking) - are three-phase.

We also offer a solution that allows for the integration of the installation and easy management of the energy system - Smart Energy Meter.

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Above all, safety and efficiency

Installations performed by our company are one hundred percent safe. The photovoltaic panels we offer are of the highest quality products, while our installers boast not only many years of professional practice but also all necessary certifications.

To ensure full safety for investors, we also use automatic PROJOY PEFS circuit breakers equipped with a temperature sensor, SPD AC and DC protections, and overcurrent protections. We also perform independent protective grounding each time.

Want to learn more about photovoltaics? Check out our FAQ base

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