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Our services allow companies to significantly reduce operational costs, protect against rising energy prices, and strengthen their image as an environmentally conscious enterprise.

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Energy solutions for your business

Optimizing energy costs is a key element of success for any company. That’s why we offer our comprehensive services dedicated to enterprises. We understand that the specifics of running a business require the implementation of specific energy solutions. That is why we offer companies a free estimate and audit to determine the necessary changes.

Our offer for businesses

Comprehensive nvestment report

Preparing reports that include investment profitability analysis and the projected payback period of the invested funds.

Photovoltaic installation services

Designing and installing photovoltaic panels tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Energy storage sales

Providing energy storage solutions that allow for storing excess electrical energy.

Emergency power supply creation

Designing small power emergency supply systems that ensure continuity of operations in the event of power interruptions.

UPS Connection

Installing emergency UPS power systems for server rooms, computers, and critical circuits.

Reactive power compensation

Offering solutions for compensating reactive power, both capacitive and inductive, aimed at optimizing costs.

Lighting replacement

Performing replacements with energy-efficient lighting that maintains lighting parameters to reduce electricity costs.

Audit of existing installations

Checking and analyzing current energy systems, indicating opportunities for optimization to increase efficiency and savings.

Check out what we offer to farmers!

n our activities, we also have energy solutions for agriculture. Our comprehensive photovoltaic and energy solutions lead to savings on the farm.

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Photovoltaics for businesses

Investing in photovoltaic panels is an effective solution that allows businesses to significantly reduce energy costs and increase their energy independence. With their own photovoltaic installations, companies can produce their own electricity, reaping benefits from a renewable energy source, which translates not only into financial savings but also into an enhanced ecological image. At Jamat, we provide comprehensive service – from energy audits, through the design and installation of systems, to assistance in obtaining subsidies and grants. Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each business, offering photovoltaics in the vicinity of Bielsko, energy storage for photovoltaics, as well as reactive power compensation.

Decide on a free estimate and audit, which will determine what changes will affect the savings of your business.

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