Heat pumps

Heat pumps are a heating solution that draws energy directly from the environment to provide heating and hot water for your home.

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Heat pump - Alternative heating for your home

Heat pumps are modern solutions that have gained popularity recently due to their energy efficiency and functionality. These devices extract energy directly from the environment to provide heating and hot water. Heat pumps operate throughout the year—not only do they heat rooms in winter, but they can also cool them in summer, while consistently heating water. This ecological and economical solution is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their living comfort and have a fully eco-friendly home.

Why invest in a Heat pump?

Year-Round Comfort:

Heat pumps provide constant and comfortable temperatures in your home regardless of the season, offering heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Reduced Heating Costs:

By utilizing environmental energy, heat pumps significantly lower the costs of heating and cooling your home, resulting in lower energy bills.

Low Operating Costs:

Heat pumps require minimal maintenance. Their ongoing costs are lower compared to fossil fuel-based systems.

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Operating a heat pump is convenient; you control the temperature via a control panel, without the need to light a fire.

Quiet Operation:

Modern heat pumps operate very quietly, which enhances user comfort, especially at night or in quiet residential environments.

Safe Solution:

Heat pumps are considered one of the safest heating solutions on the market. There is no open flame, high temperatures, or risk of harmful gas leaks.

Our heat pump installation services

Energy Audit

We conduct a detailed energy audit to determine the potential for savings and energy efficiency of your property.

Professional Installation

Our teams are made up of certified experts, ensuring that your installation is efficient and safe.

Technical Support

We provide continuous monitoring and comprehensive technical service to ensure your system operates smoothly for many years.

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Our team of experts is eager to answer your questions and advise on selecting a heat pump for your home.

Contact us today to get a free estimate and learn more about our services tailored to your needs.

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Heat Pumps in Our Offer

We comprehensively implement heat pumps, providing support at every stage—from advice and selection of the right equipment, through handling all formalities, to the installation itself. The devices we install are compact and designed to occupy as little space as possible outside the building. Our installation team can complete the installation in just 2-3 days.

We offer heat pumps that we adapt through a prior audit of your property. In our offer:
-air-to-air pumps
-water-to-air pumps

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Want to learn more about heat pumps and our offer? Check out our FAQ base.

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