For home

Our offer includes a wide range of services and technologies designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs in residential homes.

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Home Solutions

Renewable energy sources for you

We specialize in providing comprehensive renewable energy solutions for homes, including photovoltaic installations, heat pumps, energy storage systems, carports, and residential wind turbines. Additionally, we offer installation services for electrical systems and heating systems. Our offer is complemented by professional reviews and acceptance of electrical installations, ensuring safety and compliance with standards.

At Jamat, we are committed to delivering technologically advanced, eco-friendly solutions that offer you tangible financial benefits and contribute to sustainable development.

Do you have doubts about the functioning of your photovoltaic installation?

Our photovoltaic installation audit will help in resolving legal disputes or amicable negotiations regarding the installation. We provide a comprehensive assessment of the condition of your installation and useful tips. Contact us to discuss the details.

kompensacja mocy biernej bielsko

Why switch to renewable energy sources?

You save on electricity bills

You support ecology and the planet

You gain energy independence

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For bussinesses

Check out our offer for businesses and farmers!

Take advantage of our comprehensive business offering and transform your operations with renewable energy sources.

For business
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