Comprehensive home installations

We offer a wide range of services dedicated to those building new homes or undergoing major renovations.

instalacje sanitarne i grzewcze bielsko
instalacje sanitarne i grzewcze bielsko

We will handle the installation aspects of your investment

The Jamat team consists of trusted specialists from various fields, which allows us to offer a broad range of installation and thermal modernization works, eliminating the need to seek out craftsmen on your own. Our teams specialize in heating, sanitary, and other key systems necessary in every modern and energy-efficient home. Cooperative interaction between different teams accelerates the progress of work and ensures greater efficiency.

Additionally, all our activities are conducted considering the conditions necessary to obtain subsidies for thermal modernization, which provides an additional financial benefit for our clients.

Why should you take advantage of our comprehensive installation services?

Time and energy savings

By using our experience, you don't need to spend time searching for and coordinating the work of many different contractors. We will handle the overall management of installation projects.

Financial benefits

We help in obtaining available subsidies and tax breaks for thermal modernization and eco-friendly installations. This allows for additional reduction of investment costs, making home building more financially accessible.

Quality guarantee

Choosing Jamat, you can be sure that all installations in your home will be done with due care and in accordance with the latest technical standards. The experience and professionalism of our teams ensure high-quality execution.

jamat fotowoltaika

Leverage our knowledge and experience for a smooth, efficient, and expectation-meeting investment

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our comprehensive installation and thermal modernization services.

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instalacje sanitarne i grzewcze bielsko

We perform sanitary and heating installations

We offer installation and maintenance services for sanitary and heating systems, focusing primarily on water and heating systems. Our experts, using their experience and modern equipment, efficiently connect utilities under any conditions. We specialize in connecting water heaters, solar collector batteries, and heat pumps with heating systems, providing optimal and energy-efficient solutions for every home.

We guarantee safe and durable workmanship, ensuring that all installations, both external and internal, are characterized by reliable tightness and high efficiency. Our team ensures that each installation is carried out with the utmost precision, which translates into long-term satisfaction and comfort for our clients.

fotowoltaika bielsko
fotowoltaika bielsko

Investment management in terms of electrical installations

Our offerings also include services in the field of electrical installations for both new construction and replacing old installations. We specialize in a broad range of activities, from designing installations, through precise measurements, to the effective implementation of plans. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists who ensure the highest quality of service, from creating new electrical installations to organizing connections.

Additionally, we combine our electrical services with the installation of photovoltaic panels, allowing customers to benefit from modern and efficient energy sources. Our offerings also include advanced fire protection systems, including ProJoy safety switches, which provide additional protection and safety for installations.

fotowoltaika bielsko