Agricultural properties should be enriched with a set of photovoltaic panels. Thanks to such programmes as Agroenergia or investment credits in agricultural tax, there is an opportunity to obtain appropriate allowances for such an installation.

Thanks to photovoltaics, the costs of running a farm can be significantly reduced. It is also easier to ensure sustainable development as well as the ecological aspect of livestock farming or the cultivation of agricultural land.


Energy storage

Specialized devices for collecting electricity have become popular thanks to photovoltaics and work best in conjunction with such an installation. They are connected to the grid and are used to store excess energy which has not been used during the day. They can be mechanical, electrochemical, chemical, thermal or electrical. The accumulated energy surplus can be used – which eliminates one of the main problems of renewable energy, namely the lack of synchronization between energy generation and the need to use it. The energy storage that we offer you allows achieving energy independence – power outages are no longer a real threat. Energy storage is the perfect complement to photovoltaics. Devices from renowned brands such as Huawei, SofarSolar allow you to accumulate energy, and thus - contribute to increasing savings.

Individual customer Energy from photovoltaic panels saves on bills
Option for companies Audit, provision of thermal relief, and installation – can be entrusted to us
Farmer + partner programme Agricultural properties should be enriched with a set of photovoltaic panels

We’ll take care of everything!



A properly conducted audit is one of the most important things in the process of working with a photovoltaic company. Correctly made measurements allow you to minimize costs and maximize effects.



We have installers with extensive experience in the RES market and with a full range of SEP D+E, UDT RES certifications. Our team also includes architects and consultants.



If you do not have enough funds, we offer an instalment loan for individuals and leasing for companies – bringing the instalment amount closer to the price of the electricity bill.